This section provides some basic troubleshooting information for the ZB200 Bridge. For API-related questions and issues, reference API documentation on the Developer Portal at
Troubleshooting the Bridge
Possible Cause
Possible Resolution
After installing the Bridge, users cannot see uploaded data from their sensors.
  • A connection to the cloud has not been established.
  • Firewall may be blocking the connection (for example, connected to network but not to the outside world).
  • Connections to the Bridge are not secure (for example, USB power cable or Ethernet cable).
  • Bridge does not have a proper line of sight to the sensors.
  • Power adapter is not Zebra-approved.
  • Sensor is not within normal operating range to the Bridge.
  • Sensor battery is dead.
  • Ensure cloud connection LED on the Bridge is lit green to show an established connection.
  • Reboot the system by unplugging the USB power connector and waiting 30-60 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • The Bridge requires access to the following destinations and ports:, port 443 and, port 443.
  • Ensure all connections to the Bridge are secure. (Either wired or wireless LED must be lit green depending on your set-up. If lit red, check your network connections or wireless configuration.)
  • Ensure there is proper line of sight between Bridge and sensor.
  • Ensure Bridge is installed in a central location at least 3 feet from other electronic equipment to minimize interference.
  • Ensure you are using a Zebra-approved power adapter.
  • Ensure Sensor collecting the data is within normal operating range to the Bridge and not blocked or obstructed.
  • Replace Sensor if battery is dead.
Bridge is not pairing to the Android mobile setup utility via Bluetooth during Bridge network setup.
  • Bridge is not in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Android Setup Utility is not open.
  • Bridge has been reset and no longer recognizes the mobile device that was previously used to configure it.
  • Bluetooth is not on in mobile device.
  • Bridge is out of Bluetooth range of the mobile device.
  • Proper permissions have not been given to the Android mobile application to enable Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the button on the front of the Bridge until the status light blinks blue.
  • Open the Android mobile setup utility to the Bridge Network Setup page.
  • Clear the Bridge out of the Bluetooth device list on the mobile device.
  • Go into Bluetooth settings on mobile device and “forget” or unpair the Bridge and then attempt pairing again.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is On in your mobile device.
  • Ensure Bridge is in close proximity of mobile device for Bluetooth to work.
  • Try using another Android mobile device.
  • Ensure that the Android version is 8.1 or higher.
  • Ensure proper permissions have been given to the Android mobile application to enable Bluetooth.
Unable to establish a wireless connection between the Bridge and access point.
  • Wrong password is entered.
  • Do not have correct certificate or have an invalid certificate.
  • Access point could have a security that is not supported.
  • Captive networks are not supported, for example, any network that requires user to provide authentication on a screen.
  • Ensure WiFi password is correct.
  • Check certificates.
  • Check network name.
  • Check type of enterprise security selected.
  • Check with your IT administrator to resolve any network-related issues.