Cleaning the Bridge
Cleaning the Bridge

Cleaning the Bridge

As the ZB200 is used in locations subjected to different environmental conditions, there will likely be a need to clean the device occasionally. Here are some recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your device.
  • Only use the approved cleaning and disinfecting agents listed below to avoid damage to the device.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions on the approved cleaning and disinfecting agent for the proper and safe use of the product.
  • Use pre-moistened wipes or a damp, soft sterile cloth with the approved agent. Never spay or pour chemical agents directly onto the device.
  • Use a moistened cotton-tipped applicator to reach tight areas. Be sure to remove any lint left over by the applicator.
  • Do not allow liquid to pool on the device.
  • Clean and fully dry at room temperature before use. Exposing products to elevated temperatures before drying may cause product damage.
  • The combining of chemical agents may be hazardous to both the user as well as the device. Always follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer, as well as the Zebra cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.
  • The use of non-approved cleaners or disinfecting agents, or not following the recommended cleaning guidelines, may result in damage to the product and void the warranty.