Getting Started
Getting Started

Getting Started

This guide provides a general description of the ZB200 Bridge solution, practical instructions for installation, and easy setup of your device.
The Bridge is designed to interact with the following Zebra products and associated applications:
  • ZS300 Sensor
  • Setup Utility App for Electronic Temperature Sensors (Android OS) for Bridge configuration (ZBSetup)
  • Customer-facing set of Application Programming Interface (API's) and Android Sensor Discovery Service for data and management
  • Sensor Discovery Service App for Android OS (ZSFinder)
  • Zebra Developer Portal
The Bridge automatically detects all compatible ZS300 Sensors within wireless range and passes the data stored in their memory to the Cloud. The API's allow Independent Software Vendors (ISV's), Partner Integrators, and Enterprise-level Customers, who have their own development staff, to integrate the Zebra solution with software applications that they develop or choose to interface with, for purposes of monitoring the cold chain.
High Level Data Flow