Configuring the Bridge
Configuring the Bridge

Configuring the Bridge

This section details the steps needed to set a network connection for the ZB200 Bridge using the Zebra Setup Utility App for Electronic Temperature Sensors for Android (ZBSetup).
The ZB200 Bridge is set up for DHCP via Ethernet by default, therefore the following steps are only necessary if you are changing to a Static IP address or Wi-Fi.
  1. Download the Zebra Setup Utility App for Electronic Temperature Sensors for Android (ZBSetup) from the Google Play store on your mobile device.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and then click
    Configure Bridge
    (1) on the splash screen.
  3. Press and hold
    (2) on the front of the Bridge until the Status LED (3) blinks blue. This puts the Bridge into Bluetooth pairing mode.
  4. Click
  5. The Setup Utility App scans for nearby Bridges.
  6. Select the Bridge from the list that matches the Bluetooth MAC address on the back of the Bridge you want to configure.
  7. Click
    (5) to continue.
  8. Manually enter valid Latitude (6) and Longitude (7) coordinates for the Bridge, or click
    Use Your Location
    (8) to get coordinates from your mobile device, for the Bridge to to add location to sensor data uploads.
  9. Select
    (9) or
    to set the preferred Network connection type.
  10. If you choose
    , click on the arrow next to
    Available Networks
    (10) to select your preferred Wi-Fi network from the list.
  11. To enter your network manually, click on the arrow (11) and enter the
    Network Name
    (12) and the appropriate
    (13) from the dropdown list.
  12. Enter the required password to join the network and click
  13. Select the appropriate Country Code from the dropdown menu (15).
  14. DHCP is the default IP Addressing Protocol.  If you want to switch to Static IP (16), select that as your preferred IP Addressing Protocol, then enter the IP Address (17), Subnet Mask (18), Gateway (19), and DNS Servers (20).  Click
  15. Bridge configuration is now complete.
When you have successfully connected to the network, whether wired or wireless, the LED next to the appropriate icon on the front of the Bridge will light up.
When DHCP is used, both the IP address and Subnet Mask are automatically obtained by the Bridge.