Using an API Test Tool
Using an API Test Tool

Using an API Test Tool

The following steps describe how to use the API test tool.
  1. Go to your favorite API test tool. The example below uses Postman, but other tools can also be used.
  2. Download the Yaml file from the Developer Portal.
  3. Import the Yaml file as a test suite.
  4. Modify the taskID to be a valid task you created. Deselect the
  5. Go to the Headers tab and enter the Key apikey and Value your apikey from step 1.
  6. Click
  7. Verify the response is the same as the response you received in step 0.
  8. Modify the startTime and endTime dates as desired to filter the results within a time range.
  9. In Postman, click
    Code Menu
    and select the language for your application.
  10. Copy and paste the code snippet into your application code for complete integration.