Performing a Simple Task
Performing a Simple Task

Performing a Simple Task

At least one ZS300 Sensor must be enrolled, a task created, and one or more Sensors associated with a task before attempting the following procedure.
  1. Repeat the Listing the Sensors procedure.
  2. Note that the status field of the Sensor is SENSOR_STATUS_STOPPED.
  3. Press the button on the Sensor and hold for 10 seconds until the LED blinks orange. After the Sensor blinks green, the task has started.
    If the Sensor LED does not blink green, move the Sensor closer to the Bridge.
    If you repeat the List the Sensors procedure again, the status changes to SENSOR_STATUS_ACTIVE.
  4. Allow the task to run for at least five minutes.
  5. Move the Sensor around to different temperature conditions.
  6. After five minutes, stop the task by expanding the POST/environmental/tasks/{taskId}/stop window.
  7. Click
    Try It Out
  8. Enter the taskId in the path field.
  9. Click
    . If successful, a response body with an HTTP Status Code of 200 is returned and the task is scheduled to stop. When all sensors associated with the task are within range of the bridge, then the task is stopped.
  10. Repeat the Listing the Sensors procedure to verify that the status field has returned to the SENSOR_STATUS_STOPPED status and the sensor task status is SENSOR_TASK_STATUS_COMPLETED.