Downloading AIDL Files
Downloading AIDL Files

Downloading AIDL Files

The ZS300 ZSFinder app supports an Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL). This enables remote procedure calls between the ZSFinder app and other Android applications.
AIDL defines an interface that details the methods available to be remotely called. Clients bind to the interface to enable communication. Once the client is bound to the interface, it can then make calls to the ZSFinder app. Those call are executed by the ZSFinder app, resulting in it either taking an action or returning requested data, such as sensor type, battery level, data logs, or alarm status.
To get started:
  1. Go to the ZS300 Support Page to download the AIDL files. These include the Javadoc files that contain complete documentation on the supported Classes and Methods.
  2. Copy the entire AIDL package directory structure and AIDL files into the app/src/main/aidl/ directory of the client application. Initiate an Android build so the class files can be generated. The classes will not be usable until the application has been built.
  3. Add the following query entry to the AndroidManifest.xml inside the
<package android:name="com.zebra.zs300SensorDiscoveryService" />
The Android device must be running the ZSFinder APK with the required permissions in order for the AIDL interface to function properly.
AIDL interface calls should be made on a non-UI thread so that they do not impact app performance or functionality.
Additional information on AIDL is available at