Listing the ZS300 Sensors
Listing the ZS300 Sensors

Listing the ZS300 Sensors

Before performing the following steps, at least one ZS300 Sensor must be enrolled.
  1. Click
    and enter your Client Key.
  2. Click
  3. Expand the GET/devices/environmental-sensors method screen.
  4. Click
    Try It Out
  5. In the page number field, enter 0.
  6. Enter 1 in the page size field. If more than one sensor is enrolled, enter the appropriate number.
  7. Enter the serial number of the Sensor in the text filter field.
  8. Delete the default values in the
    task_id, enrolled_after
    fields if those are not needed.
  9. Click
    . If successful, a response body with an HTTP Status Code of 200 is returned. A JSON body is included in the response which contains details of the currently enrolled Sensor.
  10. Save the ID of the Sensor for the next step.