Installing Applications Using Wireless ADB
Installing Applications Using Wireless ADB

Installing Applications Using Wireless ADB

Use ADB commands to install an application onto the device.
Go to the Zebra Support & Downloads web site at and download the appropriate Factory Reset file to a host computer.
Ensure the latest adb files are installed on the host computer.
The device and host computer must be on the same wireless network.
  1. Go to
  2. Touch
    Developer options
  3. Slide the
    Wireless debugging
    switch to the
  4. If the device and host computer are connected for the first time, the
    Allow wireless debugging on this network?
    dialog box with the
    Always allow from this network
    check box displays. Select the check box, if required.
  5. Touch
  6. Touch
    Wireless debugging
  7. Touch
    Pair with pairing code
    Pair with device
    dialog box displays.
  8. On the host computer, navigate to the
    folder and open a command prompt window.
  9. Type
    adb pair XX.XX.XX.XX.XXXXX
    where XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXXX is the IP address and port number from the
    Pair with device
    dialog box.
  10. Press Enter.
  11. Type the pairing code from the
    Pair with device
    dialog box
  12. Press Enter.
    Pair with device
    dialog box closes automatically once the pairing is successful.
  13. Type
    adb connect XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXXX
    where XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXX is the
    IP address & Port
    on the
    Wireless debugging
    The device is now connected to the host computer.
  14. Type
    adb devices
    The following displays:
    List of devices attached XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX device
    Where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the device number.
    If device number does not appear, ensure that ADB drivers are installed properly.
  15. On the host computer command prompt window type:
    adb install <application>
    where: <file> = the path and filename of the apk file.
  16. On the host computer, type:
    adb disconnect