Near Field Communications
Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications

NFC/HF RFID is a short-range wireless connectivity technology standard that enables a secure transaction between a reader and a contactless smartcard.
Applicable to CC6000 only.
The technology is based on ISO/IEC 14443 type A and B (proximity), and ISO/IEC 15693 (vicinity), and FeliCa standards, using the HF 13.56 MHz unlicensed band.
The device supports the following operating modes:
  • Reader mode
  • Card Emulation mode.
Using NFC, the device can:
  • Read contactless cards such as contactless tickets, ID cards and ePassport.
  • Read and write information to contactless cards such as SmartPosters and tickets, as well as devices with NFC interface such as vending machines.
  • Read information from supported medical sensors.
  • Pair with supported Bluetooth devices such as printers ring scanners (for example, RS6000), and headsets (for example, HS3100).
  • Exchange data with another NFC device.
  • Emulate contactless cards such as payment, or ticket, or SmartPoster.
The device NFC antenna is positioned to read NFC cards from the top of the device while the device is being held.