Sound Options
Sound Options

Sound Options

  • Media volume
    - Controls the music, games, and media volume.
  • Alarm volume
    - Controls the alarm clock volume.
  • Notifications volume
    - Controls the notification volume.
  • Do Not Disturb
    - Mutes some or all sounds and vibrations.
  • Media
    - Shows the media player in Quick Settings while sound is playing, allowing quick access.
  • Shortcut to prevent ringing
    - Select how the shortcut method prevents ringing.
  • Default notification sound
    - Select a sound to play for all system notifications.
  • Default alarm sound
    - Select a sound to play for alarms.
  • Other sounds and vibrations
    • Screen locking sounds
      - Play a sound when locking and unlocking the screen (default – enabled).
    • Advanced
      • Touch sounds
        - Play a sound when making screen selections (default – enabled).