Scanning with Internal Imager
Scanning with Internal Imager

Scanning with Internal Imager

To read a barcode, a scan-enabled application is required. The device contains the DataWedge application that allows the user to enable the imager, decode the barcode data and display the barcode content.
  1. Ensure that an application is open on the device and a text field is in focus (text cursor in text field).
  2. Point the exit window on the top of the device at a barcode.
  3. Press and hold the scan button.
    The red laser aiming pattern turns on to assist in aiming.
  4. When the device is in Picklist mode, the imager does not decode the barcode until the crosshair or aiming dot touches the barcode.
  5. Ensure the barcode is within the area formed by the crosshairs in the aiming pattern. The aiming dot is used for increased visibility in bright lighting conditions.
    Aiming Pattern
    Picklist Mode with Multiple Barcodes in Aiming Pattern
  6. The Data Capture LED lights red for SE4710 or green for SE4100 and a beep sounds, by default, to indicate the barcode was decoded successfully.
  7. Release the scan button.
  8. Imager decoding usually occurs instantaneously. The device repeats the steps required to take a digital picture (image) of a poor or difficult barcode as long as the scan button remains pressed.
  9. The barcode content data displays in the text field.