Installing or Replacing the Battery
Installing or Replacing the Battery

Installing or Replacing the Battery

This section describes how to install the battery into the device or replace an existing battery.
It is necessary to remove the battery in order to install a microSD card or SIM card.
User modification of the device, particularly in the battery well, such as labels, asset tags, engravings, stickers, etc., may compromise the intended performance of the device or accessories. Performance levels such as sealing (Ingress Protection (IP)), impact performance (drop and tumble), functionality, temperature resistance, etc. could be effected. DO NOT put any labels, asset tags, engravings, stickers, etc. in the battery well.
  1. Power the device down before installing or replacing the battery.
  2. Slide the battery release latch to the unlock position and hold in the unlock position.
  3. Disengage the battery cover from either the right or left side recess grooves, and let go of the battery release latch.
  4. Hold the battery cover near the right and left side recess grooves and pull the battery cover off.
  5. To replace or remove an existing battery, lift the battery up from the bottom of the battery.
  6. To insert a battery, align the contacts, slide the battery in position on an angle, and insert the battery top first, into the battery compartment in the back of the device.
  7. Press the bottom of the battery down into the battery compartment.
  8. Insert and align the cover into the bottom latches.
  9. Push the cover down into the top latches, until it snaps into place.