Replacing the Hand Strap
Replacing the Hand Strap

Replacing the Hand Strap

Close all running applications prior to replacing the hand strap.
  1. Press and hold the
    button until the menu appears.
  2. Touch
    Power Off
  3. Touch
  4. Remove the hand strap clip from the hand strap mounting slot.
  5. Press the two battery latches in.
  6. Lift the battery from the device.
  7. Remove the battery.
  8. Remove the hand strap plate from the hand strap slot.
  9. Insert the replacement hand strap plate into the hand strap slot.
  10. Insert the battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment.
  11. Rotate the top of the battery into the battery compartment.
  12. Press the battery down into the battery compartment until the battery release latches snap into place.
  13. Place hand strap clip into hand strap mounting slot and pull down until it snaps into place.