Installing the Wireless Connectivity Module
Installing the Wireless Connectivity Module
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Installing the Wireless Connectivity Module

Use this procedure to install the Wireless Connectivity Module.
The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the surface of the human body or other surfaces can damage or destroy the printhead and other electronic components used in this device. You must observe static-safe procedures when working with the printhead or the electronic components under the top cover.
Installation Preparation
  1. Remove the media roll from the Media Roll Holder.
  2. Disconnect the DC power plug from the rear of the printer.
  3. Remove any interface cables and USB devices
No tools are needed for this procedure.
  1. Accessing the Wireless Connectivity Area
  2. Turn the printer over to access the Wireless Connectivity Door.
  3. Open the module access door by pushing the latch at the top of the door. The printer base has a recessed area for your fingertip. This releases the latch. Lift and swing the door up to remove it.
    Shows the wireless access door from the bottom of the printer.
  4. Align the antenna arm (1) into the well. Lower and align the module to the printer's Wi-Fi connector (3). Push the module (2) in gently but firmly until fully seated.
    Shows the wireless module align and insert into the printer.
    The Wireless Connectivity Door will not close correctly if the module has not been fully seated.
  5. Push the door to lock the latch.
    Shows the wireless module align and insert into the printer.
  6. Place the three labels included on the bottom of the printer (1). These labels (2 and 3) assist with the printer configuration (and later reconfiguration) of the printer. Mobile apps, use of scanners, and printer support are aided by these printer configuration labels.
    Prikazuje mjesta za dodavanje konfiguracijskih naljepnica na dnu pisača.
Re-connect the printer's power and interface cables after all hardware upgrade kits have been added to the printer.
It is recommended that you update the printer firmware to verify that the printer and wireless module are at the same and latest version. See Updating Printer Firmware.
The Wireless Connectivity Module needs to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth configured for use to communicate with the printer.
The printer by default is set to operate on a Wi-Fi network or  Ethernet LAN with DHCP used for personal networks. The network automatically provides a new network IP address each time the printer is turned on. The Windows printer driver uses a Static IP address to connect to the printer and is usually used in controlled networking environments. See Setting Up the Wi-Fi Print Server Option.
See  the following manuals on the Zebra website at
  • Wired and Wireless Print Server User Guide
  • Bluetooth Wireless Guide