Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Use the recommended cleaning supplies to maintain printer function and prevent damage to the printer from unapproved cleaning materials.
The following printer cleaning supplies are recommended for use with the printer:
  • Printhead Cleaning Pens for simple operator printhead cleaning
  • Isopropyl alcohol (minimum 99.7% pure). Use a labeled alcohol dispenser. Never re-moisten cleaning materials used to clean the printer)
  • Fiber-free Cleaning Swabs for media path, guides, and sensors.
  • Cleaning Wipes for media path and interior (for example Kimberly-Clark Kimwipes).
  • Can of Compressed Air.
The cutter mechanism does not require maintenance cleaning. Do not clean the blade or mechanism. The blade has a special coating to resist adhesives and wear.
Using too much alcohol can result in contamination of the electronic components requiring a much longer drying time before the printer will function properly.
Do not use an air compressor in place of the can of compressed air. Air compressors have micro contaminants and particles that get into the air compressor system and damage the printer.
Use eye protection to protect your eyes from particles and objects when using compressed air.