Cleaning the Cutter Option
Cleaning the Cutter Option
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Cleaning the Cutter Option

This procedure is a continuation of cleaning the media path for printers with a cutter option installed.
The plastic media path surfaces can be cleaned but not the internal cutter blades or mechanism.
The cutter blade mechanism does not require maintenance cleaning. DO NOT clean the blade. This blade has a special coating to resist adhesives and wear.
There are no operator serviceable parts in the cutter unit. Never remove the cutter cover (bezel). Never attempt to insert objects or fingers into the cutter mechanism.
Using un-approved tools, cotton swabs, solvents (including alcohol), etc. all may damage or shorten the cutter’s usable life or cause the cutter to jam.
  1. Wipe the ridges and the plastic surfaces of the media entry (inside) and exit slot (outside) of the cutter. Clean inside the areas outlined in blue.
  2. Repeat as necessary to remove any adhesive or contaminant residue after it dries.
    Shows cleaning the cutter