Printer Diagnostics
Printer Diagnostics

Printer Diagnostics

Diagnostic reports, calibration procedures, restoring factory defaults, and other diagnostics provide specific information about the condition of the printer.
Use full-width media when performing self-tests. If your media is not wide enough, the test labels may print on the platen (drive) roller.

Diagnostic Testing Tips

Each self-test is enabled by pressing a specific user interface button or combination of buttons while turning ON the printer power. Keep the button(s) pressed until the first indicator light turns off. The selected self-test automatically starts at the end of the normal power-up operation.
  • When performing these self-tests, do not send data to the printer from the host. If your media is shorter than the label to be printed, the test label continues on the next label.
  • When canceling a self-test prior to completion, always reset the printer by turning it OFF and then ON.
  • If the printer is in dispense mode and the liner is being taken up by the applicator, the operator must manually remove the labels as they become available.