Zebra Setup Utility: Pre-install Windows Printer Drivers
Zebra Setup Utility: Pre-install Windows Printer Drivers
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Zebra Setup Utility: Pre-install Windows Printer Drivers

Go to the Zebra Support page:
Look in the
section to download the recommended
Windows Printer Driver v8
Do not connect your printer to a computer yet!
  • If you connected your printer to a computer via USB before driver installation, the printer might appear as an unknown (unspecified) device in “Devices and Printers.”
  • If necessary, follow these recovery steps before proceeding to Step 1.
You will need a roll of media (labels, receipt paper, or tags) to set up your printer for the first test print. See the Zebra Web site or contact your reseller to help you select the right media for your use. Find media at http:www.zebra.com/supplies.
Install the Zebra Setup Utility before applying power to the printer connected to the PC (running a Zebra driver-supported Windows operating system). The utility installs the driver first. The installation wizard will then prompt you to apply the printer power. Continue to follow the instructions to complete the printer installation.
The setup utility is designed to assist you in setting up printer communication on a PC running the Windows operating system. The cabling and parameters for each of these physical printer communication interfaces are discussed in the following pages to assist you with making configuration setup choices prior to and immediately following applying power. The configuration wizard will instruct you to turn the printer’s power on at the appropriate time to complete the installation of the printer.
For more details on installing Ethernet (network) and Bluetooth interfaces:
  • Wired and Wireless Print Servers User Guide
  • Bluetooth User Guide