Issue: General Print Quality Issues
Issue: General Print Quality Issues
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Issue: General Print Quality Issues


The printed image does not look right.

Cause: Darkness and Speed Settings Need to be Adjusted

The printer is set at an incorrect darkness level and/or print speed for your media.

Remedy: Run Print Quality Report

Internal Printer Support
  1. Perform the Print Quality Report (
    self-test) to determine the ideal darkness and speed settings for your application. Do not set print speeds above the manufacturer’s maximum rated speed for your media (print material and ribbons both). See Generating a Print Quality Report (FEED self-test) and Adjusting the Print Quality.

Cause: Dirty Printhead

The printhead is dirty and distorting the image or putting voids in the printout.

Remedy: Clean the Printhead

Operator Action
  1. Clean the printhead. See .

Cause: Dirty or Damaged Platen (Drive) Roller

The platen roller is dirty or damaged.

Remedy: Clean or Replace the Platen

Internal Printer Support - Operator Action
  1. Clean or replace the platen. Platens can wear out or get damaged. See Platen Cleaning and Replacement.

Cause: Printhead is Worn Out

The printhead has worn out.

Remedy: Replace the Printhead

Internal Printer Support - Operator Action
  1. Replace the printhead. The printhead can wear out and be damaged. See .

Cause: Using the Wrong Power Supply

The power supply has a lower voltage or power rating.  Printing is a high-power process. 

Remedy: Use the Proper Power Supply

Operator Action
  • Find the power supply that goes with the printer.