Types of Thermal Media
Types of Thermal Media
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Types of Thermal Media

The printer can use a wide variety of thermal print media outlined here.
For optimal printing quality and proper printer performance across our product line, Zebra strongly recommends the use of Zebra Certified Supplies as part of the total solution. A wide range of paper, polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl stock has been specifically engineered to enhance the printing capabilities of the printer and prevent premature printhead wear.
The ZD series printers use heat and pressure to expose direct thermal media.
The printer can use various types of media:
  • Standard media
    —Most standard (non-continuous) media uses an adhesive backing that sticks individual labels or a continuous length of labels to a liner.
  • Continuous roll media
    —Most continuous roll media is direct thermal media (similar to FAX paper) and is used for receipt or ticket style printing.
  • Tag stock
    —Tags are usually made from heavy paper up to 0.19 mm ([0.0075 in.) thick. Tag stock does not have adhesive or a liner, and it is typically perforated between tags.
  • Fan-Fold
    —Non-continuous media that comes folded in a rectangular stack. Fanfold media is either gap/notch or black mark media.