Zebra Print Touch
Zebra Print Touch
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Zebra Print Touch

With the Zebra Print Touch feature, you can use a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet to scan the Print Touch logo and pair the device to the printer.
Print Touch is available on models with a factory-installed low-power Bluetooth. This capability enables you to use your device to provide information for which you are prompted and then print a label using that information.
Some mobile devices may not support NFC communication with the printer until you configure the required NFC settings in your device. If you encounter difficulties, consult your service provider or your smart device manufacturer for more information.
Zebra Print Touch NFC Reader Activation Location
Shows the Print Touch logo on a Print Touch enabled printer

Data Included in the Encoded NFC Tag

  • A URL for a Zebra QuickHelp style support web page
  • The printer's Bluetooth Low Energy MAC address
  • The printer's Bluetooth Classic MAC address (if present)
  • The printer's Wi-Fi (WLAN) MAC address (if present)
  • The printer's Ethernet (LAN) MAC address (if present)
  • The printer SKU – example ZD42122-D01W01EZ
  • The printer's serial number

Uses for the Print Touch feature (NFC tag)

  • Facilitate Bluetooth pairing with a compatible mobile device
  • Launch an application
  • Launch a mobile browser to a web page