Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)
Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)
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Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)

Connect to the printer with a wired Ethernet cable.
The printer requires a UTP RJ45 Ethernet cable (1) with a CAT 5 rating or higher.
The printer has a built-in network print server. For more information on configuring the printer to run on a compatible Ethernet-based network, see the Wired and Wireless Print Server users guide. The printer must be configured to run on your network. The print server onboard the printer can be accessed through the printer’s print server Web pages.
Shows the wired Ethernet cable being plugged into the printer.

Ethernet Status/Activity Indicators

The Ethernet connector on the printer has two status/activity indicators that are partially visible to provide interface status at the connector. The printer also has the user interface indicator lights for printer network operation status. See the Meaning of the Indicator Light Patterns for more details.
LED Status
Both OFF
No Ethernet link detected
100 Mbps link detected
Green with the Amber flashing
100 Mbps link and Ethernet activity detected
10 Mbps link detected
Amber with the Green flashing
10 Mbps link and Ethernet activity detected

Assigning an IP Address for Network Access

All devices on an Ethernet network (LAN and WLAN) require a network IP (Internet Protocol) address. The printer’s IP address is needed to access the printer for printing and printer configuration. The five different ways to assign an IP address are:
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Connection Protocol) - Default setting
  • Zebra Setup Utilities (includes the ZebraDesigner Windows printer driver)
  • Telnet
  • Mobile Apps
  • ZebraNet Bridge

DHCP for Personal Networks

The printer by default is set to operate on an Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi network with DHCP. This setting is intended primarily for personal networks. The network automatically provides a new network IP address each time the printer is turned on. The Windows printer driver uses a Static IP address to connect to the printer. The IP address set in the printer driver will need to be changed to access the printer if its assigned IP address has changed after the printer’s initial installation.

Managed Networks

Using the printer in a structured network (LAN or Wi-Fi) requires a network administrator to assign the printer a Static IP address and other settings needed to operate on the network properly.

  • User ID:
  • Password: