Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing
Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing
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Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing

Printing a Configuration Report is a great way to test and verify the printer's basic operation and settings.
Before you connect the printer to a computer, make sure that the printer is in proper working order.
You can do this by printing a Configuration Report using this procedure. The information on the Configuration Report's printout may be helpful with printer installation and troubleshooting the printer.
  1. Make sure the media and ribbon cartridge (if you are thermal transfer printing) are loaded properly in the printer and the top cover of the printer is closed.
  2. Turn the printer ON.
  3. Once the printer is in the ready state (Status indicator is solid green), press and hold the
    buttons for two seconds and release.
    Shows the printer's Feed and Cancel button being pressed for 2 seconds and a Configuration Report sample.
If you cannot get these reports to print, then see Troubleshooting.
Use the Configuration Report to find your printer's model, print resolution (for example XXX dpi), programming language (typically ZPL, CPCL, and EPL), and alpha-numeric serial number at the top of the printout. They are used to set and configure the printer for various printer communication options (USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth) and supported operating systems (Windows, Android, Apple, and more).