Replacing the ZD411T Printhead
Replacing the ZD411T Printhead
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Replacing the

This procedure guides you through replacing the printhead.
Read this procedure first before you begin your repair.
  • Turn the printer OFF.
  • Open the printer to gain access to the printhead (1).
The printhead becomes hot while printing. To protect from damaging the printhead and risk of personal injury, avoid touching the printhead. Only use the cleaning pen to perform printhead maintenance.
The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the surface of the human body or other surfaces can damage or destroy the printhead and other electronic components used in this device. You must observe static-safe procedures when working with the printhead or the electronic components under the top cover.
Shows the printhead with its ESD  and Hot Surface warnings
  1. Removal
  2. Push the printhead release latch toward the printhead (shown as green for visibility). The right side printhead releases down and away from the printhead lock arm.
    Shows the printhead released and swinging out.
  3. Swing the loose right side of the printhead out of the printer. Pull it to the right a little to get the left side of the printhead clear. Pull the printhead down and free of the ribbon carriage to gain access to its attached cables.
    Shows the printhead released and swinging out.
  4. Gently but firmly pull the two printhead cable bundle connectors (1) off of the printhead (2).
    Shows the printhead released and swinging out.
  5. Installation
  6. Align the new printhead up to the printer. Push the right printhead cable connector into the printhead. The connector is keyed to only insert one way.
  7. Push the left printhead cable connector (2) onto the printhead (1).
    Shows the new printhead being connected.
  8. Insert the center tab on the printhead assembly into the center slot on the printhead mounting bracket in the ribbon carriage.
    Shows the center printhead alignment tab inserting into the slot on the printhead actuator arm.
  9. Insert the left side tab of the printhead assembly (2) into the recessed slot (1) on the left side of the ribbon carriage.
    Shows the printhead assembly's left side tab and slot .
  10. Push the right side of the printhead into the printer until the latch locks the right side of the printhead into the printer.
    Shows the right side of hte printhead locking in.
  11. Verify that the printhead moves up and down freely when pressure is applied and remains locked when released.
    Shows pushing the printhead to verify the printhead is latched correctly.
After Installation
  1. Clean the printhead. Use a new pen to wipe body oils (fingerprints) and debris off the printhead. Clean from the center of the printhead to the outside. See Cleaning the ZD411T Printhead.
  2. Plugin the printer power is disconnected.
  3. Load full-width label or receipt paper roll. Printing with a full-width roll verifies all elements of the printhead function.
  4. Print a Configuration Report. See Print a Configuration Report to Test Printing.