Using Thermal Transfer Ribbon in the Printer
Using Thermal Transfer Ribbon in the Printer
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Using Thermal Transfer Ribbon in the Printer

The printer has the ability to use a wide variety of Zebra and non-Zebra thermal transfer ribbons.
The printer supports a 74-meter thermal transfer ribbon.
Shows basic ribbon roll dimensions for the printer.
Transfer ribbons come in several varieties and in some cases colors to match your application needs. Genuine Zebra transfer ribbons are specifically designed for the printer and Zebra brand media. Using non-Zebra media or ribbons not approved for use in your Zebra printer may damage the printer or printhead.
  • The media and ribbon types should be matched to provide you with optimal print results.
  • Always use a ribbon that is wider than the media to protect the printhead from wear.
  • For direct thermal printing, do not load ribbon in the printer.
  • Always use an empty ribbon core that matches your transfer ribbon roll’s inner diameter. Ribbon wrinkling and other print problems can occur.
Genuine Zebra ribbons for this printer include:
  • Performance Wax
  • Premium Wax/Resin
  • Performance Resin for synthetics (6 ips max. speed) and coated paper (4 ips max. speed)
  • Premium Resin for synthetics (4 ips max. speed)
– Do not use early model desktop printer ribbon cores. The older style ribbon cores (and some Non-Zebra ribbons) can be identified by notches on only one side of the ribbon core. These older cores are too large.
Do not use ribbon cores with damaged notches that may be rounded, frayed, smashed, etc. The core notches should be square to lock the core on the spindle or the core may slip causing ribbon wrinkle, poor end of ribbon sensing, or other intermittent failures.