User Interface
User Interface
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User Interface

Your desktop printer's user interface is designed to help you easily operate your printer.
Interface control
Feed button
Single multi-functional
(Advance) button (for more information, see FEED (Advance) Button)
Either individually or in combination, and in tandem with the color and state of the STATUS indicator, the
button and the
button are designed to help you perform a range of routine printer tasks which include:
  • calibrating the media (labels, paper, tags, etc.)
  • printing a configuration report
  • resetting printer settings to their defaults
  • entering 'Forced' firmware download mode
  • entering and exiting diagnostic (
    ) mode to debug printer programming and communications
This button is modal—what happens when you press the buttons depends on what the printer is doing at the time.
Status indicator (tricolor, encircles the feed button)
See Status Indicator for information on how to interpret the Status Indicator state and color.
Indicates the printer's operating status and a range of printer conditions using state and color (such as when the printer runs out of media).
The state of the indicator can be:
  • on (lit)
  • off (not lit)
  • blinking (off and on) and alternating between colors in a variety of patterns
The color can be:
  • Green—ready or functioning
  • Amber (orange/yellow)—for busy or active process (boot-up, over-temperature cooling cycle, etc.).
  • Red—needs attention