FEED (Advance) Button
FEED (Advance) Button

FEED (Advance) Button

button is a multi-function button used to feed labels, reprint the last label, pause printing, and return the printer to normal operation after a pause.
Feed one label
To advance media by one blank form or format (one label, receipt, tag, ticket, etc.), wait for the printer to stop printing. press the
button, and release it within two seconds.
Reprint last label
To activate the Enable Reprint feature, send the printer an SGD command (
OR the ZPL
command parameters
), then use the
button as the ‘applicator signal’.
This enables a reprint of a failed media print. If the printer runs out of media (paper, labels, etc.), it can be made to reprint the last label (print form/format) from its print storage buffer as described above.
Do NOT turn printer power off or reset the printer if you want to reprint. These actions clear the print buffer.
Stop print activities and place the printer into a PAUSE state
Press the
button while printing.
The printer will finish printing the label it is printing before it enters a PAUSE state.
Return the printer to normal operation after the first three actions above
Press the
button while in PAUSE state.
If the printer is printing a multi-label (form/format) job or if another job is waiting to print in the print queue, the printer will resume printing.
button modes
You can access these advanced-operation
button modes by pressing the button and holding it down for longer than two seconds. (See  FEED Button Modes – Power ON and FEED Button Modes – Power OFF.)