Unpacking and Inspecting the Printer
Unpacking and Inspecting the Printer
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Unpacking and Inspecting the Printer

When you receive the printer, immediately unpack it and inspect for shipping damage. Also make sure the package includes all the parts.
See the support resources page for your printer at ,
for videos on how to pack and unpack your printer.
  1. Save all packing materials.
  2. Check all exterior surfaces for damage.
  3. Open the printer (see Opening and Closing the Printer) and inspect the media compartment for loose or damaged components.
  4. If you discover shipping damage on inspecting the printer:
    1. Immediately notify the shipping company and file a damage report.
      Zebra Technologies Corporation is not responsible for any damage to the printer incurred during shipment, and will not cover the repair of this damage under its warranty policy.
    2. Keep all packaging material for shipping-company inspection.
    3. Notify your authorized Zebra reseller promptly.