Cleaning the Media Path
Cleaning the Media Path
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Cleaning the Media Path

Use this procedure to keep the media path clean and free of debris and adhesives.
  1. Use a cleaning swab and/or a lint-free cloth to remove debris, dust or crust that has built-up on the holders, guides and media path surfaces.
  2. Lightly moisten the cleaning swab or cloth with 90% solution isopropyl alcohol.
    For hard-to-clean areas, use extra alcohol on a cleaning swab to soak the debris and break up any adhesive that may have accumulated on surfaces in the media compartment.
  3. Do NOT clean the printhead, sensors, or platen as part of this process.
    DO NOT clean the sensor window (1). Clean only the sensor channel, the groove along which which it moves.
    Sensor window
    Media guides
    Media roll holders
  4. To clean the lower half of the printer:
    1. Wipe the inside surfaces of the roll holders and the underside of the media guides with a cleaning swabs and wipes.
    2. Wipe only the movable-sensor's slide channel (not the sensor window itself). Move the sensor to get to all areas.
    3. Wait one minute for the cleaning solution to dry before closing the printer.
    4. Discard the used cleaning supplies.