Updating Printer Firmware
Updating Printer Firmware

Updating Printer Firmware

Updating the printer's firmware periodically enables you to avail of new features, improvements and printer upgrades relating to media handling and printer communications. Use Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) to load new firmware.
  1. Open Zebra Setup Utilities.
  2. Select your installed printer.
  3. Click
    Open Printer Tools
    The Tools window opens.
  4. Click the
  5. Load media in the printer (see Media Types and Sensing).
  6. Click
    Send file
    The lower half of the window shows a filename and path with a
    button to select the latest firmware file you downloaded from the Zebra website.
  7. Wait and observe the user interface.
    If the firmware version shown is different than the version installed on the printer:
    • The firmware download to the printer begins.
    • The printer's STATUS Indicator flashes Green while the firmware is downloading.
    • The printer restarts and installs the firmware.
    • After a successful firmware update, the printer's STATUS Indicator displays solid Green, indicating that the firmware was validated and installed.
    • The printer prints a configuration report.
The firmware update is complete.