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This procedure works for Tear-Off (standard bezel).
  1. Open the printer. Pull the release latch levers toward the front of the printer.
  2. Open the media roll holders.
  3. With one hand, orient the media roll so that its printing surface will face up as it passes over the platen (drive) roller.
  4. Use your free hand to pull the media guides open.
  5. Place the media roll on the roll holders and release the guides. Make sure that the roll turns freely.
    Make sure the roll is NOT resting on the bottom of the media compartment.
  6. Pull the media so that it extends out of the front of the printer.
  7. Push the media under both of the media guides.
  8. Flip the media up and align the movable media sensor as appropriate for your media type.
    For continuous roll receipt-type media and for label media without black marks or notches...
    Align the media to the default center position.
    For black mark (black line, notches or holes), backed media...
    Adjust the sensor position in such a way that the sensor aligns to the center of the black mark.
    Avoid the center area of the media so you only use black-mark sensing for printing on black mark media.)
    Default - Web (Gap) Sensing Standard Operating Position
    Off-Center Black Mark Sensing Only