Running a SmartCal Media Calibration
Running a SmartCal Media Calibration
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Running a SmartCal Media Calibration

The printer must set media parameters for optimal operation prior to printing. To do this, it automatically determines the media type (web/gap, black mark/notch, or continuous) and the measure media characteristics.
After initial calibration to a specific media is complete, additional calibrations are not necessary after you load a new batch as long as the newly-loaded media is of the same type as the prior media. The printer will automatically measure the new batch and adjust for any small changes in its characteristics when printing.
After you load a roll of new media from the same batch, press the
(Advance) once or twice to synchronize the labels. This readies the printer to continue printing using the new batch of media.
  1. Make sure the media and ribbon (if you are thermal transfer printing) are loaded properly in the printer and the top cover of the printer is closed.
  2. Press
    to turn the printer on and wait until the printer is in the Ready state (the STATUS Indicator lights up solid green).
  3. Press and hold
    for two seconds, until the STATUS Indicator flashes one time. Continue to hold
    until it has flashed two more times, then immediately release the button.
    The printer will measure a few labels and adjust media sensing levels. When it has completed measuring, the STATUS indicator will turn solid green.