This setting specifies the location for the syslog messages to be recorded. The location may be either on the printer, or a syslog server IP address.


To specify the location for the syslog messages to be recorded:
! U1 setvar "device.syslog.configuration" "value"
A list of configuration entries, limited to 1000 characters. Entries must be in the form of
and delimited with a semi-colon.
SEVERITY - The severity levels, in decreasing severity order:
  • emerg
  • alert
  • crit
  • err
  • warning
  • notice
  • info
  • debug
When you specify the severity level, the lowest specified severity and all severity levels above it will be recorded. For example, if you specify
, you will get all severity level reports. If you specify
, you will get only
, and
severity reports.
or a syslog server IP address
When configuring the local syslog report, the first local entry is used and duplicate requests to local are ignored. To configure remote syslog messages you will first need a syslog server to accept them.


To retrieve the configuration string setting:
! U1 getvar "device.syslog.configuration"
Example 1
This example has emergency syslog messages being sent to an IP location, debug (and all higher severity) syslog messages to another IP address, and critical and higher syslog messages to local storage (either a file or SGD).
! U1 setvar "device.syslog.configuration" "emerg,;debug,;crit,local;"
Example 2
This example will only report emegency syslog messages to the local file, and ignore the duplicate location request for critical and higher reports.
! U1 setvar "device.syslog.configuration" "emerg,local;crit,local;"
Example 3
This is an example of a syslog report stored at E:SYSLOG.TXT. Note that device.syslog.save_local_file must be enabled. Feb 17 14:28:17: [Power][Informational][0X14] Power On Feb 17 14:28:19: [Print][Informational][0XF] PQ Job Completed Feb 17 14:28:20: [Print][Informational][0XF] PQ Job Completed Feb 17 14:28:20: [Weblink][Informational][0X1005] Weblink disabled Feb 17 14:28:34: [Network][Notice][0X1C] Cold Start
Example 4
This is an example of a syslog report from a syslog server application monitoring an IP address.
Screenshot of syslog report