This command allows a user to add a single server/username/password triplet into the list of authentication entries. This authentication entry is applied before making an outgoing HTTP/HTTPS connection in case the printer must go through an authentication server beforehand. This setting is separate from the proxy setting.
The server, username, and password parameters are separated by a space, not a tab or other white space character. The server name is required. If no username is supplied, but a password is, there must be two spaces between the server and the password fields. If there is a username but no password, or simply just the server name, no space is required at the end of the entry.  Both DNS names and IP addresses are acceptable for the server name.


To add a server, username, and password to the list of authentication entries:
U1 setvar "ip.firewall.authentication.add" "servername[ username][ password]"
  • servername
    is required. DNS or IP address is acceptable.
  • username
    is an optional value. When a username is provided, it must be separated from the server name by a space.
  • password
    is an optional value. When a password is provided, it must be separated from the username by a space. If the username is omitted, the password must be separated from the servername by two spaces.
The maximum length of the authentication entry is up to 1024 characters.