This command specifies the URI the printer client uses to connect to the MQTT broker for connection 1 or 2. The printer will not attempt to connect to the same server address on multiple connections or if the value is invalid. This address must be a TLS MQTT broker (mqtts) as non-TLS broker connections are not supported.


To specify the URI for connection 1 or 2 to the MQTT broker:
U1 setvar "mqtt.conn1.server_address" "mqtts://<domain>[:port][/path]"
U1 setvar "mqtt.conn2.server_address" "mqtts://<domain>[:port][/path]"
  • <domain>
    is a required value. DNS or IP address is an accepted value.
  • [:port]
    is an optional value. If the port is not specified, the default port of 8883 is used. A value of zero (0) is not valid.
  • [/path]
    is an optional value.
The maximum length of the string is 2048 characters.


To have the printer return the URI value for connection 1 or 2:
! U1 getvar "mqtt.conn1.server_address"
! U1 getvar "mqtt.conn2.server_address"
The command retrieves the URI.
This example includes a DNS domain of
using port 65412.
U1 setvar "mqtt.conn1.server_address" "mqtts://"