This command enables or disables adaptive antenna selection.
If the printer cannot find RFID tags with the antenna element specified during the number of retries specified (if applicable), the printer may try neighboring antenna elements. If the printer is unsuccessful communicating with the RFID tag after trying the neighboring antenna elements, the printer voids the label.
  • This command is valid only on R110Xi4, ZT400 series, and ZT600 series RFID printers.
  • The label length must be 2 in. (51 mm) or longer.
  • Activating this feature may slow throughput on damaged or weak RFID tags.


To enable or disable the adaptive antenna feature:
! U1 setvar "rfid.adaptive_antenna" "value"
  • "none"
    The printer uses only the current antenna element selection.
  • "neighbors"
    The printer attempts to read the tag using the antenna elements to the left/right and above/below the current antenna. The antenna element that is successful is used for all subsequent RFID commands until the next unsuccessful attempt.


To retrieves the current adaptive antenna setting:
! U1 getvar "rfid.adaptive_antenna"