Order of Precedence
Order of Precedence

Order of Precedence

In mathematics, the order of precedence describes the sequence that items in an expression are processed. All expressions have a predefined order of precedence.
The order of precedence is listed below:
  1. Functions
  2. Parenthetical Expressions ()
  3. ^
  4. * and /
  5. + and -
The * and / have the same precedence, and the + and - have the same precedence. Items with the same order of precedence are processed from left to right.
For example, this expression 5+(8+2)/5 is processed as 8+2=10, followed by 10/5=2, then 5+2 to give a result of 7.
Functions and parenthetical expressions always have the highest order of precedence, meaning that they are processed first.