Section Organization
Section Organization

Section Organization

The sections in this guide are arranged based on programming topics. A brief description of the sections is listed below.

Editing Commands

This section describes the commands which are used to manipulate the interpreter and enter programs.

Running and Debugging

Outlines the control commands used to run and debug programs.

Base Types and Expressions

Fundamental structure for manipulating strings and computing numeric and boolean values.

Control and Flow

Commands to conditionally execute code and control the flow of the program

Input and Output

Outlines how to communicate with the physical ports, internal ports, and network.

File System

Shows how programs and formats can be saved and recalled

Comma Separated Values

Identifies how to load and store comma separated data


Explains how to capture and trigger internal events in the printer


Contains miscellaneous systems interface functions

String Functions

Handles string manipulation

Math Functions

Handles mathematical calculations

Array Functions

Describes how to search, resize, and query arrays

Time and Date Functions

Functions to access the real time clock option

Set/Get/Do Interface

Functions to directly interface with the Set/Get/Do system

Example Programs

More examples to give a head start in creating your applications