Deleting Graphics from Memory
Deleting Graphics from Memory

Deleting Graphics from Memory

(Item Delete) command deletes objects, images, fonts, and formats from storage areas selectively or in groups. This command can be used within a printing format to delete objects just prior to saving new ones or can be in a stand-alone type format simply to delete objects.
The object name and extension support the use of the asterisk (*) as a wildcard. This allows for easy deletion of selected groups of objects.
The following are various examples of using the
To delete just stored formats from DRAM:
To delete formats and images named SAMPLE from DRAM regardless of the extension:
To delete the image SAMPLE1.GRF prior to storing SAMPLE2.GRF:
^XA ^FO25,25^AD,18,10^FDDelete^FS ^FO25,45^AD,18,10^FDthen Save^FS ^IDR:SAMPLE1.GRF^FS ^ISR:SAMPLE2.GRF^FS ^XZ
To delete everything from DRAM: