Memory, Flash Cards, and Font Cards
Memory, Flash Cards, and Font Cards

Memory, Flash Cards, and Font Cards

Zebra printers come with a variety of memory device, including DRAM, EPROM, PCMCIA, Flash, socket Flash, and battery backed-up RAM.
Not all memory options are available on all printers.
Most Zebra printers allow you to print a printer configuration label, which will show the letter designation assigned to your printer memory options. For printer models that do not support this feature, use the table below to see how the memory IDs are assigned. Memory IDs default to these values when the printer is reset to factory defaults.
Letter Designations for Different Memory Options
Memory Option
Default Letter Designation
Battery backed-up RAM
B: or E:
Socket Flash
Compact Flash
A few ZPL II commands directly affect the types of memory available to Zebra printers. These commands are
Commands that Affect Available Memory Types
(Reset Battery Dead)
This command is sent to the printer if either of these conditions exist:
  • If the B: memory card is intentionally cleared (reinitialized).
  • If the battery supplying power to the Battery Powered Font Card fails and is replaced. (A bad battery would show a “battery dead” condition on the printer configuration label.)
If you replace the battery but do not send this command to the printer, the Battery Powered Font Card will not function.
(Initialize Flash Memory)
This command is used to initialize the two types of Flash Memory available in the Zebra printers.
Link-OS printers use an automatic memory management system that eliminates the need to manually initialize the Flash Memory system.
(Host Memory Status)
Sending this command to the printer immediately returns a memory status message to the host. Use this command whenever you need to know the status of the memory. When the Host Memory Status Command,
, is sent to the Zebra printer, a line of data containing three numbers is sent back to the Host. The following is an example:
  • The first value is the total amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) installed in the printer. This number is in Kilobytes.
  • The second value is the maximum amount of RAM available to the user. This number is in Kilobytes.
  • The third value is the amount of RAM currently available to the user. This number is in Kilobytes.