Set Dots/Millimeter
Set Dots/Millimeter

Set Dots/Millimeter

The following commands change the number of dots per millimeter.
(Set Dots/Millimeter)
Changes the number of dots printed per millimeter. Depending on the printhead, normal dots per millimeter on a Zebra printer are the following:
  • 24 dots/mm (609.6 dots/inch)
  • 12 dots/mm (304.8 dots/inch)
  • 8 dots/mm (203.2 dots/inch)
  • 6 dots/mm (152.4 dots/inch)
In some applications, these high densities are not required. For these applications, a lower density of 4 dots/mm (102 dots/inch) or 3 dots/mm (77 dots/inch) can be selected.If used, this command must be entered before the first