Stored Formats
Stored Formats

Stored Formats

You can create formats and save them in the printers memory. A stored format can then be recalled and merged with downloaded data to form a complete label. This process saves data transmission time but not formatting time.
To create a format, complete these steps:
  1. Design the label.
  2. Replace variable data fields with field numbers.
  3. Allocate space for the size of the field.
  4. Give the format a name.
  5. Save the format on the printer to a memory location (R, E, B, A).
You can store multiple formats on the printer, limited only by available memory. If you try to save a format that would overload memory you can confirm that the format has been successfully stored on the printer by printing the LIST FORMATS from the front panel, or by using the
command to return the directory listing to the host. For details see, ^HW.
If the power is turned off, all stored formats in volatile memory (R:) will be lost.