Header Block Fields
Header Block Fields

Header Block Fields

This section provides descriptions for the header block fields.
  • SOH (Start of Header Character)
    The Zebra printer sends this character as the beginning of a new Response Packet. The ASCII Control Code character SOH (01H) is used as the Start of Header Character.
  • DST. Z-ID (Destination Zebra-ID)
    This is the same three-digit ASCII number used to identify the Host Computer that was contained in the SRC. Z-ID field of the Request Packet that initiated this Response Packet. The Host compares this number to its known value to insure it is the proper destination.
  • SRC. Z-ID (Source Zebra-ID)
    This is the three character ASCII Network I.D. of the Zebra printer that is sending the Response Packet.
  • TYPE (Packet Type)
    This block is used to define the type of Response Packet being sent to the Host. Only three characters are valid in this field.
    • ‘A’ This is a Positive Acknowledgment to the Host computer. It indicates that the Request Packet was received without a CRC error. The Host computer may send the next Request Packet.
    • ‘N’ This is the Negative Acknowledgment to the Host computer. It indicates that an error was detected in the packet sent from the Host computer. The Host computer must retransmit the same Request Packet again.
    • ‘S’ This character indicates that the Response Packet contains the Zebra Printer Status requested by a
      (Host Status) command received from the Host.
  • SEQ. # (Used to denote the current message sequence number)
    This number is identical to the message sequence number in the Request Packet. It denotes the message sequence number to which the Response Packet is replying.