Standard Printer Fonts
Standard Printer Fonts

Standard Printer Fonts

Most Zebra printers come standard with 15 bitmapped fonts and one scalable font.
Additional downloadable bitmapped and scalable fonts are also available. Character size and density (how dark it appears) depend on the density of the printhead and the media used.
Examples of the Standard Printer Fonts
To use one of these fonts, you must either use the change alphanumeric default font command (
) or specify an alphanumeric field command (
The standard Zebra character set is Code 850 for character values greater than 20 HEX. There are six HEX character values below 20 HEX that are also recognized. The figure below shows how these character values are printed.
Unidentified characters should default to a space.
Recognized HEX Values below 20 HEX