The Feedback.get File
The Feedback.get File

The Feedback.get File

The Feedback feature is one of the key benefits of the Mirror process. During a Mirror operation, the printer can upload a file to the FTP Server that contains information about the configuration of the printer. This information can then be leveraged by the Administrator to monitor the printer's setup. Using the Feedback feature is optional.
file is a template file stored on the printer. It controls what content is uploaded to the
directory on the FTP server. The directory on the FTP server where the printer will send Feedback content to is controlled by the
Within the feedback.get file it is possible to leverage SGD commands to insert current printer status and configuration strings into the file. This feature can help make the Feedback file on the FTP server more unique and useful to the Administrator.
Additionally, the first line of the feedback.get file is used to control the name of the file that will be uploaded and stored on the FTP server.
For example, if first line of the
file was:
That line would be evaluated by the printer and used as the Feedback destination file name to create on the FTP server.
Using the example above, if the MAC address of the wireless print server was "00a0f8ae56d7"and the Feedback odometer was currently at "33", the Feedback file created the FTP server would be named:
The "feedback.get" file can be sent to the printer using the
command. For additional information, see CISDFCRC16 Download Files.
The first line of the feedback.get file is not included when the Feedback data is written to FTP server.