Scenario One
Scenario One

Scenario One

In this scenario, the printer is configured to perform a Mirror update operation (" = on
") and feedback operation (" = on
") every time the printer restarts. On startup, after a network connection has been established, the printer will attempt to make a FTP connection to the server address, using the “user name” and “password” of the printer.
If the connection is successful, the printer will attempt to perform an update operation using the root directory "
". After the update operation is complete, the printer will attempt a Feedback operation, uploading the resulting Feedback file to the "
" directory on the server.
Using the command set in the example below, the printer will not attempt any periodic Mirror Update or Feedback operations. It will only perform Mirror operations on startup or when explicitly instructed to using the "
" command.
If a file starts with "/" it signifies the base directory of that file system. If a file is contained in the user’s account, they do not start with a "/".
This example shows a Mirror configuration command set. Each line item of the command set is identified with a number. For details on each line item, see the table below.
10 ! U1 SETVAR "" "on" 20 ! U1 SETVAR "ip.mirror.username" "printer" 30 ! U1 SETVAR "ip.mirror.password" "printer" 40 ! U1 SETVAR "ip.mirror.server" "" 50 ! U1 SETVAR "ip.mirror.path" "/all_printers/s4m/role1" 60 ! U1 SETVAR "" "on" 70 ! U1 SETVAR "" "/all_feedback" 80 ! U1 SETVAR "" "0"
Configures the printer to perform a Mirror Update operation at power-up.
Configures the FTP Server "user name" for the printer to use
Configures the FTP Server "password" for the printer to use
Configures the FTP server address the printer should make a FTP connection to.
If the FTP connection is successful, the printer should attempt to perform an Update operation using this root directory.
Configures a printer to automatically perform a Mirror Feedback operation at start-up.
Configures the printer to upload the resulting Feedback file to the designated directory on the server.
Configures a printer to repeat the Feedback operation zero times.