Character Substitution
Character Substitution

Character Substitution

The characters used for the Format Command Prefix (^), Delimiter Character (,) and Control Command Characters (~) must be substituted for their Hexadecimal equivalents. During normal operation, this is how the printer works with ZPL formats. For example, when a ZPL format is sent to the printer via a telnet, RS-232 or Ethernet connection and stored for later use, it automatically processes the file and makes these character substitutions.
When ZPL formats are sent to the printer from the
directory they are stored on the printers memory, but not processed. For this reason, it is necessary to preprocess the files so that they are ready for use.
The following character substitutions must be made to files sent from the
Original Character
Substitute Character
Command PrefixThe default is the Caret (^)
Delimeter PrefixThe default is the comma ( , )
Control PrefixThe default is the tilde (~)
HEX 10
For example, given the following format:
^XA ^FO20,100^IME:ZEBRA.BMP^FS ^A@N,75,75,TT0003M_.TTF ^FO20,400^FDZebra Technologies^FS^XZ
It would be necessary to replace the ^ characters with a HEX 1E and the , characters with a HEX 1F. This can be done using a Text Editor. See Example Files for more information.