Enable Logging
Enable Logging

Enable Logging

If your printer has trouble connecting, you may wish to enable logging.
By default logging is not enabled in order to reduce the amount of memory consumed when the Weblink feature is enabled. It is recommended that once the Weblink feature is configured properly and is performing as expected that the logging be disabled or that a very small (less than 100) number of logging entries be permitted.
To enable logging,
needs to be modified. By default it is set to 0, which indicates that no messages are logged. When attempting to troubleshoot connection issues it is recommended that
be set to at least 100 entries. Setting
to 100 means that the 100 newest logging entries will be present in
as older entries are discarded once the maximum number of entries is reached.
! U1 setvar "weblink.logging.max_entries" "100"
The logging settings are atypical to the Weblink settings as they do not require the printer to be reset before taking effect. This does not mean that previous logging message that would have been logged will appear when the
setting is changed from 0 to a greater value. It means that any new logging messages will be logged from that point forward.
Issue the following command to clear any log entries currently in the weblink.logging.entries buffer.
! U1 do "weblink.logging.clear" ""