Other Typical Errors
Other Typical Errors

Other Typical Errors

While SSL/TLS connection errors are the most common, there are issues that can arise that prevent a successful connection.
This section highlights the most common issues.
Cause / Solution
"Read failed with an unexpected error"
This message typically indicates that connection to the remote server was lost. The connection can either be lost due to the server powering off or resetting, the firewall or proxy server shutting down the connection, or because the remote server gracefully requests that the connection be discontinued.
After 60 seconds of inactivity on the connection the printer will attempt to contact the server via a TCP Keepalive. If the connection is still present the server will respond and the connection will remain open. After 10 successive failed attempts to contact the remote the printer will assume the connection is severed and close the connection. The printer will resume it's attempt to connect to the remote server so that when the server comes back online the printer will re-establish communication.
"Failed to connect (SP = #, CI = #, UW = #, AC = #, PC = #)"
If this error is seen one or more of the ‘#’ values will be set to 0. This is an indication of an incorrect configuration of the remote server. Ensure that the remote server is setup according to the Servlet configuration in the Zebra Link-OS SDK documentation.This typically indicates an incorrect version of the remote Application Server (for example, Apache/Tomcat version may be incorrect). If this issue persists contact Zebra Technical Support.. Provide the output of the following command (ensure that logging is enabled and that this error appears within the entries).! U1 getvar "weblink"